Retailers have both Online and Store (Bricks & Mortar) can now extend their reach, and expand their presence at lower costs, faster and more accurately with CEMOSoft Ordering-to-Delivery platform termed and called as "O'Kiosk". For Covid-19 pandemic Recovery-Reopen, we have Virtual "O'Kiosk".

"O'Kiosk" allows Store manager to upload inventory for immediate sales with item-picture, description and delivery locations. Customer can use mobile smart phone to engage and experience new ways to shop items that are immediately available for delivery. As one retailer summarized to us at NRF Big Show: "So, this is Dotcom-on-steroids, localized for new experience".

"O'Kiosk" implemented in a day or two based on your requirements and empowers local store teams to help sell more-faster-accurate. Contact us, email: sales@cemosoft.com or click/tap here Apply for an account