CEMOSoft Patient Engagement and Experience platform -- “PatNX” for short -- allows a Hospital or Clinic or a Practice to engage 3 P's: Patient, Physician (front office, nurse, others) and Providers (Imaging, Lab, Pharmacy, Specialist, Therapist, Others). PatNX allows Patient to provide experience on a visit. PatNX Enterprise allows a healthcare business manager/administrator to allow Patient and FAMILY secure-personalized access to patient record and view reports and notes from team – Nurses, Physicians, and even providers. The providers can be a Lobotomist/Lab Technicians, Pharmacy, Specialist, Imaging-Diagnostic, Care Giver.

PatNX can be customized for a business work flow and integrated with other systems with API strategy. PatNX integration with CMS ONC is feasible based on each business requirements.

Health Care Insights

CEMOSoft allows multiple brands or multiple product managers/product line managers to build customer insights and rich big data for future marketing programs – D2C, Personalization, … AI. A practice team shared the need to have the ability to know patient preferences (say, coffee, tea, water upon check-in), and were delighted that CEMOSoft can deliver their needs.

CEMOSoft PatNX operates in Cloud and can be deployed for a healthcare business in 1 day. PatNX Edge with IOT and NUC is possible to improve productivity, patient service/care and improve performance. Contact us, email: sales@cemosoft.com or click/tap here Apply for an account