Cloud Kiosk

CEMOSoft "O'Kiosk” allows you extend and expand your order-todelivery capabilities. You can now at a local store/restaurant level empower management to add/change items to fire-sell thus alleviating the pressure points to corporate team during Covid-19 lockdown or some other crisis situation. Also, you can have capabilities for "Speed” on your side and in-a-sense, economies of "Scope and Scale” to rapidly make changes on-the-fly, thus meet-and-possibly-beat competition.

CEMOSoft "O'Kiosk” platform can operate with Intel® NUC (Next Unit of Computer) and a Touchscreen monitor. Other form factors Kiosk are available based on enterprise requirements identified at discovery meeting.

Now with Covid-19 we are encouraging Virtual Kiosk for Order-2-Delivery capabilities for retailers (local stores), resorts-2-restaurants to deploy in hours-days.

"O'Kiosk” platform empowers local management teams to add/change items/skus that are inventory-pain points or just a marketing promotion to validate our "O'Kiosk” Strategic-Intent: "Bring Customers Back To Store”.

Store teams can use PC or Mac or Smart Phone or Tablet to make changes to content dynamically (on-the-fly), real time. Also both delivery location and team member changes can be effected real time to maximize customer services and instill new ways to shop at new location points.

"O'Kiosk” allows businesses to innovate new footprints (Malls, Airport Lounges, sports arena, train station, shopping mall) and save considerably with real estate and limited resources. "O'Kiosk” enables just in time inventory management, engages omnichannel-suppliers/distributors and geared to serving customer more accurately.