About PatNX for Health

Digital Health Cloud SAAS Platform for enterprises (Hospitals/Clinics/Practices) to allow Patient, Physician and Provider connect seamlessly to see "the same single view of patient information anytime, anywhere"*. Also First Patient-Centric EHR platform to allow family secure-access to patients health information and thus comply with POTUS new rule on March 2020.**

Transforms Hospital, Clinic, Practice with digital health platform involving capabilities and emerging technologies to promote contactless/touchless interactions of consumer-patients prior to a physical visit. Allows both Patient and Provider to exchange and involve in two way conversation using mobile smart phone/tablets, anytime anywhere. CEMOSoft Cloud and Cloud-Edge solutions positions healthcare business into the digital age.

* Press Ganey
** The White House, March 9, 2020

Digitization of healthcare made possible with patient-centricity. Enterprise-managed Cloud platform has Edge compute capability. PatNX connects 3 Ps – Patient + “family”, Hospital/Practice team and Provider. PatNX allows to see same view of patient information anytime, anywhere. Hospitals, Clinics, Practice can apply for Cloud SAAS account and be up in a day.