From Resort to Hotel to restaurants to QSR – engaging customers to gather insights on their experience and also build customer centric personalized data is never more critical than the Covid-19 Pandemic Recovery-Reopen era.

Building customer centric big data is a step towards normalizing your business to changing environment in wake of Covid-19 pandemic. Also the ability to service customer in new ways with CEMOSoft “O’Kiosk” may very well position restauranteurs for the next decade.

CEMOSoft Cloud SAAS is implemented in hours – be it CEM or CEMO platforms. CEMOSoft “O’Kiosk” allows Order-To-Delivery for a customer at any nearby location (home, office, etc) using mobile smart phone/tablet. Restaurant can not only provide curbside delivery but also in newer additional locations say: local office-building parking lot, a mall entrance or dedicated parking spots, etc – giving local managers the ability to extend and expand dynamically, thus delighting customers in new innovative ways. Contact us, email: sales@cemosoft.com or click/tap here Apply for an account