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About CEMOSoft

CEMOSoft LLC is based in Chandler, Arizona. CEMOSoft focus is Customer Experience Management ("CEM"). CEMOSoft innovations capabilities with emerging technologies addresses the needs to businesses to engage consumers and deliver newer customer experiences.


What is CEMOSoft

Why CEMOSoft

CEMOSoft Platforms


Covid-19 "S2E"

“S2E” -- Screen to Enter” to pre-screen customers/guest and issue entry pass



Virtual "O'Kiosk" allows businesses to add/change items so customer can Order-to-Delivery for a contactless, touchfree, safer shopping experience


CEM allows businesses to engage customer for Insights, reciprocate, Reward and position for "Reciprocity Commerce" of "R-Commerce"   Read more



Engages customer for Insights, Advertisement, Omnichannel, Reward and build big data   Read more



For multiple-stores/restaurants, enables both Corporate and Store to manage simultaneously thus building richer big data   Read more



Encore to flagship CEMO – ‘brings it all together’, -- builds big data sets for growth programs such as: D2C, Personalization, Predictive, ...   Read more


PaLS supports Sales to deploy Edge-IOT for demo and lead generation



Allows to connect Patient + Family, Physician team and Providers to enable newer experiences and build big data



Invited members manage self/family health information, can enable Physician-Provider add visit report   Read more

2019 Summary:

12 Events
11 Cities
10 Months

5 Platforms Demoed and Pilots
4 Whitepaper
3 Nations
2 Continents
1 Vision

Past Events

Check us at NRF Big Show, WPP Commerce, HIMSS Patient Experience Summit and more

"Help businesses build insights data for future"

Future Events

Meet us at GR Ideas Summit, Virtual Global Retailing Ideas Summit, 2021 Patient Experience Summit

2020 plan
Reinvent to Recover

9 Platforms
8 Business Platforms
7 Big data sets
6 Technologies
5 Implementation
4 Whitepaper
3 Eco-enablement
2 Cloud (CSPs)
1 Vision

Ecopartners and Solutions

CEMOSoft platforms involves innovation capabilities for customer journeys, and emerging technologies for businesses to engage customers with mobile smartphone/tablets. CEMOSoft Platforms help build unrivaled customer insights big data for marketing and growth programs, such as Personalization, Predictive, Prescriptive, D2C, ..... AI for businesses in Brands/CPG, Hospitality and Retail industries. Businesses can provide a new level of customer experience by deploying CEMOSoft platforms in the cloud. The deep AI learning engines enables businesses to enrich customer experiences. CEMOSoft platforms are also implemented on the Edge with Intel(R) IOT Gateways, NUC, Sensors. The platform implementation solutions can be customized to meet specific needs of the businesses and customer journey.