CEMOSoft platform includes several products architected, designed and implemented to operate across diverse mobile smart devices/Oses: Apple IOS based iPhone/ iPad, Google Android and Microsoft Windows phone/tablet.

In the new age of mobile internet, CEOs see the need to serve digital savvy consumer (digital diva, Millennials), and business leaders identify following challenges:
● Engage digital consumers/customers via mobile smart devices,
● Respect privacy, maintain and secure customer data and information,
● Integrate emerging technologies within the framework of existing enterprise systems with minimal-to-zero disruptions in business processes and a seamless integration of new information.

Working with a diverse industry clients, we have designed and delivered the following products :
➢ Customer Insight Management
➢ Instant Alerts Management
➢ Customer Reward Management
➢ Business Analytics and Intelligence

The above products are integrated to provide an enterprise (MNC, SMB) manager a seamless experience across a range of compute and mobile platforms to deliver instant information for improved decision making,thus delivering value to end customer/consumer.

CEMOSoft product can engage a customer, distribute insight-Alert across a business processes --supply chain, manufacturing, logistics, operations, engineering and customer services. CEMOSoft product roadmap includes functional products Finance/Accounting, Inventory/Order Management, Shipping/Logistics. Current products provide business new ways to engage their constituencies and accelerating the informed decision making, thus improving the intrinsic and extrinsic quality of business.

CEMOSoft’selastic-flexible architecture and design allows for customization to best fit processes in an enterprise. Such customization capabilities will be part of CEMOSoft Services offerings.

Contact us to learn more about strategic ways CEMOSoft will benefit your business. We, together shall innovate new commerce cycles with emerging technologies as enablers for innovations and new disruptions across your business processes and ecosystem.

We focus on building, testing and integrating strategic technologies to accelerate adoptions by business. Our intent: “Become the emerging technology innovation provider”.